NIBE air source heat pump for commercial and domestic use.

  • COP levels are among the best on the market
  • Supply temperature 63 °C at -25 °C ambient
  • Very low noise level
  • Works down to -25C
  • Built-in condensate water tray
  • MCS approved
  • Benchmark checklist

NIBE F2300-14 and 20kW are two air source outdoor units that are particularly suitable for large residential or commercial buildings. Great efforts have been made to create attractive system combinations.

Special attention has been given to minimizing the noise level. F2300-20 kW is one of the quietest units available on the market.

These NIBE products have been developed with special attention to making installation as smooth as possible. For example, we always include anti-vibration water connections with the outdoor unit. A broad accessory programme is available, and there are numerous recommended possible combinations.

Model Energy Efficiency Class 35°C
package label *
14 kW
20 kW
* The reported efficiency of the package also takes the controller into account.

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