A small high efficiency heat pump

A versatile system

The Yutaki S Combi is available in two versions: an inverter model that covers all your home’s climate needs as it produces both hot and cold air and hot water; and a second model that produces hot air and hot water. In addition, its power range (between 2 and 6 HP) allows you to choose the most suitable model for the size of the installation.

Built-in water tank

The space required to install this equipment has been reduced by up to 70%, thanks to its new design which incorporates a built-in water tank. You can choose between a 200 and a 260 litre tank capacity, as required.

Enjoy the benefits of renewable energy

The heat pump system takes advantage of outside air temperature to keep the house at a comfortable temperature, even on the coldest winter days. The high-performance offered by this technology allows you to reduce both power consumption and CO2emissions. In addition, it is compatible with the use of solar panels, an option that further reduces consumption.

Easy control with the lcd display

The new LCD display built into the equipment provides you with easy control over its operation: programme the weekly timer, activate energy saving mode for the water pump... In addition, it is compatible with wireless thermostats.

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