Maximum comfory all year round

All-in-one heating, cooling and dhw

The Yutaki S is capable of delivering both heat and cooling through underfloor heating, radiators and fan coils. It can also produce domestic hot water and is compatible with all DHW tanks. Its wide operating range allows the equipment to operate in extreme conditions from -20oC to 46oC.

Reduce your bills with renewable energy

The Yutaki S makes use of outdoor air to considerably reduce electricity bills, compared to the consumption levels of conventional boilers. Moreover, the system is compatible with the use of solar panels, an option that transfers heat to the DHW tank to achieve even greater reductions in power consumption.

Four energy-saving power modes

You can configure the Yutaki S in four different modes: comfort, economical, anti-freezing, and vacation mode. That way, you match operation to your pace of life, increasing the comfort of your home while reducing your energy consumption.

Suitable for any room

The 2, 2.5 and 3 CV models are sufficiently small to enable the indoor unit to be installed in small spaces such as a kitchen cabinet. This feature also makes installation faster and easier.

Easy control with the lcd display

The indoor unit has a large LCD display that enables you to operate the equipment more easily and intuitively. You can use it to program the weekly timer for heating and hot water, activate the energy saving mode for the water pump and more.

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