The ideal heat pump to replace boilers

Heating and hot water

The Yutaki S80 provides heating through underfloor piping, radiators and fan coils. The system heats water up to 80°C, even at extreme outdoor temperatures of up to -20°C. It can also produce domestic hot water and is compatible with all models of water tank.

Saves energy while maintaining maximum comfort

In normal ambient conditions and when you need less heating, the Yutaki S80’s intelligent cascade cycle automatically adjusts to ensure maximum permanent comfort with minimal power costs.

Less consumption with renewable energy

The heat-pump system succeeds in reducing electricity bills by up to 60% and C02 emissions by 50%, compared to traditional boiler systems. By using energy from the outside air, it converts each kW of electricity into 5 kW of heating energy.

Smart control

The new control panel with LCD and thermostat provides you with easy control over the system’s operation: set the weekly timer for heating and domestic hot water, activate the energy saving mode for the water pump and more. In addition, it is compatible with wireless thermostats.

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